Scottish Highlands

We flew in on a 45 minute flight from Dublin, Ireland to Glasgow, Scotland. Our agenda was to reach Fort William from Glasgow. It was a two hour drive to Fort William but it took us a little longer because we stopped quite a bit for photography and for moments to take in the beginning of our trip into the Highlands of Scotland. There was a point when we stopped and I was photographing the mountains and gorgeous landscape all around us that I put my camera down and just stood there for a moment. Slowly inhaling the crisp, clean Highland air. I looked around. There was no cars or any other human beings around us. For a moment, I thought I was in heaven. 

The next day we started from Fort William to Portree on the Isle of Skye. Before we hit the Skye bridge, we came across a field of stacked rocks. It was so mesmerizing. My mom insisted on building our own little stack rock and we did without disturbing the others that were build around us. Lastly my mom and I adventured Eilean Donan Castle. We didnt follow the tourists and pay to view the castle, we sat and listened to the bagpiper playing tunes and admired the beauty we had before us. 

The adventure continues. 

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