Large Format Independent Study

This semester I am doing an independent study with a large format camera and I plan on sharing with you all how it's going. I'll be posting both the good and the bad to show the interesting outcome of the process. Now large format camera's are those one's you saw in the "olden days" where a photographer has this huge bulky apparatus and they hide underneath a black cloth. The popular photographer Ansel Adams used a 4x5 camera with his popular landscapes. Now what is the point you're probably asking? Let me tell you. Shooting 4x5 sheet film has huge advantages and it's disadvantages. 


  • Large negatives, a lot of detail recorded on the film.
  • Resolution is out of this world.
  • Beats any high end DSLR and Medium format. I laugh at 36 or 50 megapixels being a lot! 
  • Easier development as compared to 35mm and 120mm film.


  • Bulky and heavy gear to carry. 
  • Can only load 1 sheet at a time and only in total darkness.
  • Film scratches and dust are easier to show up due to larger negatives. 
  • Expensive, 25 shots for $32.50. ( Don't even ask about color negative costs :X ) 
  • Slower shooting. Its not like you can speed spray and pray. Compositions are taken serious and thought has to be %110 before pulling the trigger.

Now enough talk and lets see the scans right!!!

First two 4x5 negatives. I messed up during the development stage. Allowing light and not mixing the chemistry in the tank correctly.. whoops

Second batch of shots with Ellen went way better. We got the flash to work with the 4x5 and I developed the negatives with out light leaks or chemistry issues. I kid you not, it was like Christmas morning when I took the negatives out of the fixer and checked to see if they were successful before their wash. I can't wait to show you more! This week I'm shooting outdoors. And with the aperture able to go as far as f/64 I won't have to worry about time of day ;) So be on the look out! If you have any questions or comments let me know! I'll be glad to answer if I can!