Savannah DiRocco

Coming all the way from Pennsylvania, I was stoked to finally meet and photograph Savannah when she came into town. I missed the opportunity last time she was in town visiting Ellen (the famous red head friend of mine) but this time I made sure of it. Especially since it had been awhile since I've had any new chill and creative portrait work. Let alone its super hard to pass up a new awesome person who is good at modeling and interesting to converse with. 

So awhile ago I checked out this location and did a shoot with Quinn here in the winter, but I was craving to come back here because the warmer light would look way more epic on the sandstone in the quarry.  After that we decided to walk along the trail where we ran into huge sums of sage, followed by enjoying the small cliffs and overhangs the Boise foothills have right off its easy hiking trails. I do hope that Savannah comes back to visit Ellen, so we can tag team a shoot again with her as our awesome subject. If there is a next time, we will make sure we are all well fed so the hangry feelings don't overcome us so we can keep shooting ;) 

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