Kinsey Anderson Pt. 1

I have been trying to get a shoot with Kinsey for awhile now. We met a few years back at an "instameet" in Boise and I took her portrait for a school project among with other people (I included a really bad photo of a fiber print from the darkroom below). I wanted to do something a tad bit different that usual. I love doing outdoors and adventuring into Idaho's vast areas but this time I kept it urban and played downtown Boise. I haven't done it in awhile and I wanted something fresh and new feeling. We went to the newer Owyhee building where a very nice man let us go up into the penthouse for a couple of minutes. Which a huge shout out goes to them for being so kind! 

I intended to use some film today and use my new 105mm 2.4 for my Pentax 6x7. Ironically the battery died and I forgot to pack the spare. So now in a few days because Kinsey and I did not get through all of the outfits/ideas we wanted to do, we are going to meet up again and finish what we started. Which is a good thing because next month she leaves on a six-month trip to Australia (Jelly). Well, enough of my blabber. Check out this series of Kinsey!

Now don't judge, this is just a cheap iPhone shot of a crappy print ha! But I think its fun to look at  a shot from my very first roll of 120 film with a Hasselblad 500CM. We joked about recreating this shot. And Im pretty sure thats what were actually going to do. And on the next posting, I share a scan of the old negative & the new negative!