Kinsey Anderson Pt. 2

Two days after the last shoot with Kinsey, we met up again in the North End of Boise. I was in search of pastel backgrounds. Which I would say was sort of successful. While searching near this abandoned house a neighbor had a goose, it scared the crap out of us with some serious anger issues or by being an alarm system haha. However Kinsey had this pink furry coat (sort of looked like a pink cookie monster fur :P haha) but she rocked the hell out of it! We walked down the hyde park alley ways where we came across this small area that just had great light and interesting contrast of shadows and light. Which with Kinsey's hair and jacket. I was just instantly loving everything. I just let her do her thing, with Lorde's Pure Heroine played. It was a good evening shooting and I know I'll have to do one more shoot with her before she ships off to Australia!