Kelsey Waters

It has been sometime since Ive had the chance to adventure. Pretty much my last time was when I was on my honeymoon (almost 2 months since Ive been married yay!) so it was something I was craving to do. I contacted my friend Katelyn and she got our friend Kelsey to tag along as well. So we arranged to head out to Leslie Gulch. Sadly we missed the turn that takes you to Leslie, and instead we took the road to Succor Creek. Which honestly did not upset me one bit. It was still a very breath taking. The tall mountains, spires and canyons that rivers have cared through probably since the dawn of time? I'll have to admit there were some pretty scary moments for me, we balanced on these rock formations where if we had one wrong step, we would've met our immanent doom! I always believe it isn't an adventure unless there is danger! 

Lastly we explored the location where the Soda fire was here in Idaho. A lot of acreage was burned from the wild fire we had about a month ago. To see it in person put a whole new perspective in mind. Creatively, the blackened earth had wonderful contrast to Kelsey's clothing. I really can't wait to go out shooting with these two again in the winter! 

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