Jessica Sulikowski

For quite awhile I have had a strong interest in photographing ballet. I had this huge inspiration from other dance photographers on my Instagram and I finally wanted to try this myself. I reached out to a local dancer and she agreed to come to the studio she trains and teaches at, which had a over abundant amount of light pouring through the windows. Before I had even taken a shot I was already in photog heaven because of the amount of light and space we had to work with. 

During this shoot I really had no direction I wanted to go. I simply wanted to just get a foundation on photographing someone doing dance and understand the timing and proper framing. I also didn't want this collaboration between artists to be a commercial feel. Sure I took shots that were traditional in a sense and got Jessica to show her artistic talent but deep down what I wanted was simple. A documentation of Jessica in her space that she spends 40+ hours a week in. 

Lastly I shot digital and 120 black and white film. And as usual I wish I had more film, than space on my SD card. When I developed my rolls I was blown away at how gorgeous these portraits came out and with film that had been expired (totally accidental).


This past summer was filled with adventures the biggest one was this one, returning to Scotland. Some of you may know that I've been to this beautiful country before, but this time I was able to see more and also have my wife Laura tag along with my mom and I. 

We flew from Boise, Idaho all the way to Inverness, Scotland, UK where our adventure began. Inverness is known as the gateway into the Scottish highlands and is often where a lot of people start their trips. Our main plan was to drive the whole North Coast 500 (tad bit over 500 miles) with a small few day pit stop on the Isle of Skye. This was my first time ever driving on the right hand side and for me it only took a few minutes to get used to the difference. I know Laura and Mom were happy on quite a few bits of this journey that I was the pilot. Scotland is an amazing country, but its roads are the size of a ruler. Constantly sharing a single track road, having the opposite car come so close to your car that you question how in the hell it'll get by. 

This adventure held a certain part of my heart more than any of my previous ones. If you couldn't tell by my last name, I have a Celtic heritage. When I had traced my last name to the origin of it, it is a descendent from the Scottish clan Mackay. There is a county in the northern most point where the Mackay's are still living and have the territory of the ancestors who once held that land. Driving though there and visiting the towns just gave me a sense of happiness to know this was the area where my family's heritage once began. 

There are so many memories created from this trip.


Jackleyn Hyland

For sometime I had been in a creative rut. Unfortunately work and life had gotten in the way. Luckily though, my good friend Katelyn invited me out to go shoot with her and Jackelyn. Shooting with them was going so well but it wasn't until blue hour started that it kicked in to amaze-sauce. Why? Well, I have been wanting to try shooting at that time of day to play with colors and pushing my cameras limits. This certainly won't be the last time. 

P.S I'm pretty sure Jackelyn became my muse after this shoot so you'll be seeing plenty more work with her in the future!!